The Scarecrow Lied

That way is a very nice way…it’s pleasant down that way too.
-Scarecrow, Wizard of Oz


Except, the scarecrow lied. Only one way was going to be nice. The other: a relentless ass-kicking.

I set out on a familiar running route. At about 2 miles I have a choice. I could either go right. Or turn around and do an ‘out and back’.

I considered the options. Ugh. I REALLY didn’t want to deal with slogging up such an unforgiving hill.

Turning back is a much easier endeavor. FLAT.

What to do…what to do. My running partners were no help. The boys of Fabriq (pop-funk duo from L.A.) were too busy singing to me about Serotonin. Their dancy Jamiroquai/Justin Timberlake/Pharrell inspired sound kept me distracted just enough, that by the time I would have made the decision, my body turned right.


Now here’s the thing, I am essentially lazy. It’s like the scene early in “Harold and Kumar go to White Castle” where they leave the apartment, get halfway down the hallway and Kumar realizes he forgot his cell phone. Harold asks him if he wants to get it and Kumar looks 10 feet toward the apartment door and says “No, we’ve gone too far”.

I was already heading up that hill and thought, Kumar, you have a point. I’ve gone too far.

I put my head down, mentally will one foot in front of the other, and push my reluctant ass forward. I know this hill very well. I’ve run it countless times, and it never, EVER gets easier.

I shake my angry fist to the skies, sweating like a celebrity parent caught bribing college officials.

I find relief at the top of the hill, congratulating myself for not dying mid-stride. My running turns to skipping as a big, goofy-ass grin appears on my face. I look around to see who might have witnessed such a feat of determination. I see an older lady in her over-sized visor, walking her mini-poodle. But she’s not even looking at me. She’s busy examining, then picking up little Bitsy’s dog shit.

Oh well. I forgive the Scarecrow and head home, happy with today’s accomplishment.

While you are here, just want to remind you why I am training so hard right now. I am going to climb Mt. Rainier as part of the Climb to Fight Cancer (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center). This will be my 5th peak with the Hutch, an organization I admire and am so grateful for. Consider a donation for my climb, won’t you?